Human Consciousness has both, individual and collective features, operates in different modes of functioning, creating different states of awareness/manifestations, which are fine-tuned by outer conditions and inner reactions and their interaction based on principles like cause and effect/karma or other fundamental laws of nature.

LIFE4MULA® provides Programs to develop and integrate CONSCIOUSNESS into daily life on different levels:

1. PERSONAL ➞ Consultation, individualized Programs (IP)
2. CORPORATE ➞ Coaching, IP, Workshops, Keynote
3. PUBLIC ➞ Seminars, Webinars, Keynote

These formats develop experiences of higher levels of application and understanding, activating new potentials of the individual introducing fullness as your very nature.

Substantial prerequisite for any sustainable improvement in any field is the understanding of the general setup and analysis of specific conditions. Your Spacetime coordinates are most important data signifying the greater context of your
life, its conditions, challenges and potentials. Start discovering the most precious entity in the universe: YOU … and go online with your very own purpose!

Breath is a major frequency of human life. Rhythm correlates with the activity of the two hemispheres of the brain we could call „left brain“ and „right brain“. Whereas the former deals with analytical, rational or intellectual topics and is allocated to the male approach, the nature of the „right brain“ is more emotional, and artistic, seeking synthesis and balance, resembling rather female qualities in terms of preliminary dualistic understanding. The two nostrils relate to the two brain hemisphere which can be synchronized by simple breathing techniques. The result is the removal of stress and tension, possible headaches and an instant Reboot of your brain activity.

Body is structured according to individual DNA sequences and combinations. But who decides the mix? CONSCIOUSNESS structures the flow of information manifesting the subsequent structure. Accordingly the manifestation -body- and its information source CONSCIOUSNESS are directly linked – not only as a concept, but in physical centers like brain or spine. Energy flow – both gross and subtle – in and around each body keeps it alive and healthy. Handling the main energy lines, the „3 Rivers and 108 Gates“, creates instant synchronicity of energy, mental clarity and improved body wellness.

When the seeker asked, „What is the human mind?“, the wise answered: „Mind is a Monkey. To control it you need either chains or a bunch of bananas.“ What is the banana for the mind? INFINITY! Where is that? In the simplest form of awareness, the ground zero of thought at the root of life. How do I get there? Through the Art of Yoga and its 108 doors to enter the temple of Unity. Is there a second unity? If infinity has no end, can there be another one? If no, a horizontal approach to the „Unity of mind“ is possible. The way of this „horizontal“ Yoga is simple:
Take Content, reduce it to Principle, refine towards Unification and you receive Oneness – being just another word for UNITY.

One or perhaps the center of a human individual – the heart – radiates the strongest measurable energy compared to any other organ or body area. So according to these latest findings it seems not sufficient to call it a second brain. Emotions hold tremendous leverage in respect with the correlating biochemistry of the body changing perception, awareness and behavior instantly and/or ongoing. The understanding of life as frequency of Consciousness impels to discover , develop, and cherish this sublime mist of feeling by nourishing its functioning, extending its expression and range. Expansion of the subjective energy or increase of emotional intelligence leads to friendship, love or devotion, joy, fulfillment and/or other gains by sharing!

Origin of Duality, the intellect is curse and blessing at the same time. Eastern thought has it, that the „initial mistake of the intellect“ is the root of all suffering. Taking illusion for reality, intellectual decisions consequently lead to confusion and chaos. As the reality of life is oneness, the tool master of duality can never understand or experience it! Powerful sound formulas, certain audio frequencies or mechanical repetitions are few of the tested formulas to release the intellect of its duality trap. The experience of oneness heals mind and intellect and removes the obstacles of confusion opening the door of a different, new reality. Mental peace, increased balance and clearer perception automatically come along.

Other formats, traditional Vedic technologies, prevention strategies, synergy programs or elaboration of specified topic, workshops or personal coaching are just part of the range of application that LIFE4MULA® provides. Details on request.