The word “Consciousness” has 4 semantic roots originating in Latin and English.

Con = (lt.) “together” – relating to both, own synapsis / neurons internally and other objects / individuals externally

scio = (lt.) “I know” – implying existence, experience and projected understanding

us = (engl.) “I plus x” – classically referring to a social group

ness = (engl.) “State of being” – certain timeslot of a particular quality like full-ness, aware-ness, tender-ness, etc.

CONSCIOUSNESS® in LIFE4MULA is defined as:

I-ness… being aware of (external) objects and/or internal processes, leading to reaction, interaction, learning and integration, resulting in evolution.

The most precious essence of consciousness is KNOWLEDGE, which is

  • structured in consciousness
  • different in different states of consciousness
  • containing intrinsic organizing power
  • the ultimate catalyst and tool of transformation
  • the synthesis of experience and understanding

The common states of consciousness (waking, dreaming, sleeping) are not the normal quality of human consciousness but only the underdeveloped, premature states.
As the ultimate commodity consciousness is

  • infinitely available
  • individually accessible
  • immediately interactive
  • naturally owned by everybody
  • expanding by use
  • source of any success
  • necessary catalyst for all synergies / networks
  • prerequisite of any achievement
  • changing NOWHERE into NOW HERE

Understanding life means discovering Consciousness as the prime mover. Greater systems – organic, social or technical- perfectly display this principle in action – AVATAR.