The two most challenging, yet unanswered questions of modern science are:

1. What is the universe made of?

2. What is consciousness?

Ancient Greeks were investigating EROS and MYTHOS, man’s oldest cosmology VEDA introduces PURUSHA and PRAKRITI … but the former is considered philosophy and the latter mostly unknown or simply taken as a myth.

LIFE4MULA explains life in terms of 4 basic qualities or entities and comes up with a stunning answer to the initial questions: Question 2 is the answer to Question 1 … and vice versa! As known by physics all MATTER is merely condensed ENERGY. Quantum physics discovered vibrant VIRTUALITY about hundred years back as the mother’s lap of energy. But what is vibrating, more refined than virtual particles that create our reality?

CONSCIOUSNESS, a field of all possibilities, containing knowledge and organizing power, is the mind-blowing answer and the potential substance or entity to create literally anything!

Human understanding of reality – cosmological concepts, scientific findings or day to day experience – promotes very similar findings.